The power of public opinion

Public opinion (PO) is the prevailing opinion of our society. That is why the PO is very much at the center of active „opinion management“: It does not just arise, it is created! So far, the PM has been formed almost exclusively by state institutions and by a large number of other opinion-forming social actors such as lobby associations, parties, NGOs as well as media and news. Not to forget, above all, advertising measures by companies. They all influence public opinion and thus us as citizens!

The power of public opinion

The PO can make people hold back their own opinion and keep it secret if it does not correspond to the perceived “opinion climate”. This silence can lead to isolation and can end in a spiral of silence. Conversely, people tend to publicly express their opinion when they see the majority opinion on their side. With Spreadwords you can express your opinion publicly without having to confess! This creates a new space for discussion and exchange and counteracts a spiral of silence!

Where is public opinion formed?

The PO is formed across all media channels. This includes TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, the Internet and advertising space in public spaces. The public space extends right into the middle of our society and is the meeting place for the people. Spreadwords uses this lever to make the topics of public opinion that are particularly important to us!

Public opinion as a democratic lever

The PO is elementary for the formation of the will of a democratic and free society. That is why the free formation of the PO is one of the principles protected by constitutional law and is enshrined in Article 5 of the Basic Law. Spreadwords wants to contribute to a public debate. Crowdfunding gives us the opportunity to recapture the advertising spaces in our streets and to place content that will advance us as a democratic society!

Source: Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
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